Community in Santo Domingo de Los Colorados

Tsáchila & Chihuilpe

The Tsáchila people number about 3000. Their eight communities spread across a 10,500-hectare reserve around Santo Domingo. They offer a community tour that includes a demonstration of plants used for medicinal purp…
Museum in Montecristi

Museo Arqueológico

For a peek at some of the indigenous artifacts found in the region, visit the privately maintained Museo Arqueológico. Highlights of the small exhibition space include a primitive percussion instrument, giant funere…
Museum in Esmeraldas

Centro Cultural Esmeraldas

This combined museum, library and bookstore contains materials ranging from recent local history to fine ceramics and gold work from the ancient Tolita culture. Some of the exhibit signs and documentary videos are i…
Museum in Manta

Museo del Banco Central

The fully modernized city museum reopened in its new location in 2009, and showcases valuable artifacts from pre-Columbian Manta culture, a selection of Ecuadorian paintings and quirky fishing paraphernalia.
Museum in Bahía de Caráquez

Museo Bahía de Caráquez

You’ll find a good introduction to the area’s indigenous history at this well-curated modern museum. The collection includes hundreds of pieces of pre-Columbian pottery, as well as local crafts for sale.
Beach in Manta

Tarqui Beach

The east end of this stretch of sand is a hive of activity early in the mornings, as vendors sell row upon row of shark, tuna, swordfish, dorado and other fish (whose size decrease with each passing year). You’ll al…
Wildlife Reserve in Playa de Oro

Playa de Oro Reserva de Tigrillos

Half an hour upstream from Playa de Oro, the Playa de Oro Reserva de Tigrillos is a 10,000-hectare reserve owned and operated by the community of Playa de Oro. The reserve borders the Reserva Ecológica Cotacachi-Ca…
Beach in Manta

Playa Murciélago

This beach is less protected than most beaches in the area and has bigger waves (although they’re not very big, there’s a powerful undertow). It’s a couple of kilometers northwest of downtown and is the town’s most …
Archaeological Site in Around Bahía de Caráquez

Chirije Archaeological Site

This site is riddled with ancient ceramics, burials, cooking areas, garbage dumps and jewelry, dating mainly from the Bahía culture (500 BC to AD 500).The site is owned by Bahía Dolphin Tours, and to visit you must …
Park in Bahía de Caráquez

Isla Corazon

Bird-watchers shouldn't miss a visit to Isla Corazon, where you can take guided tours through mangroves in search of frigate birds, herons, egrets and other species. It's 7km east of San Vicente, reachable by bus (U…