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Getting There & Away

CLP buses are the most comfortable option (in our experience, the best buses in Ecuador, likely designed for gringo comfort levels). They depart from Olón and stop in Montañita on their way south to Guayaquil ($6.25, 2½ to three hours, six daily). Other buses stop on their way to Santa Elena ($3, two hours), La Libertad ($2.50, 1¾ hours), or north to Puerto López ($2.50, 1¼ hours) every 20 minutes or so. These are the green Manglaralto buses, which run at an alarming speed through the mountain turns. The main bus station and ticket office are on the main road.

The two local taxi companies are Montañisol S.A and Montañisol Compañía De Taxis. Located just in from the highway, they offer services to destinations from Puerto López ($25) to as far away as Guayaquil ($80).