Once an important transit point for travelers arriving by river from Coca, Misahuallí (mee-sah-wah-yee) sank into obscurity when the Loreto road connecting Coca to Tena was built. Positioned between two major rivers – at the literal end of the road – the town has a lovely sandy beach, a famous cadre of monkeys adept at swiping sunglasses from visitors, and little else.

However, the region's Aeropuerto Jumandy actually means that for those flying from Quito, you'll likely hit Misahuallí before you reach Tena. And many prefer this diminutive but spirited village over Tena as a base for exploring the Río Napo and its jungle. Traveler facilities are good, with several key tour operators stationed here.

Be aware that the surrounding area has been settled for decades, which means wildlife has diminished greatly.