Mindo in detail

Flights & getting there

There are several daily buses to Quito ($3.10, 2½ hours, 6:30am, 11am, 1:45pm, 3pm and 5pm Monday to Friday), run by Cooperativa Flor de Valle, which leave from the terminal a few blocks uphill on Av Quito from the main plaza – you can hop out at Nanegalito ($1.50) to grab a camioneta to other area destinations. On weekends there are nearly hourly departures from 11am to 5pm. The Flor de Valle office is across from the children's park and the restaurant Mirza in a pale yellow building – on weekends and especially holidays it's best to buy your ticket one day in advance.

Cooperativa Kennedy buses leave from the plaza to Santo Domingo ($6, three hours), from where there are connections to Puerto Lopez. Different Kennedy buses travel via Los Bancos (6:30am, 7am; from here there are frequent connections to Esmeraldas) and Pedro Vicente Maldonado to Puerto Quito.

Not to worry if you miss one of these departures. Head out to the 'Y' junction at the top of the hill (taxi $5 or hitch in a truck for $0.50) and hop on one of the frequent buses traveling between Quito and the coast.

Taxis, regulated with fixed prices, line up on the main plaza, right near the giant hummingbird. To Quito it's $60, to the airport $80, and to skip Quito altogether and head north-east to Otavalo, it's $150.