Checking flights...


Located on the Manta waterfront, past the open-air theater, is the TAME office. TAME has one to two flights daily to/from Quito (one way from $86, 30 minutes). You can buy tickets at the airport on the morning of the flight, but the planes are sometimes full on weekends and holidays. Buying tickets a few days in advance seems to offer big discounts if you can plan that far ahead.

Avianca also has an office in town.

The airport is some 3km east of Tarqui, and a taxi costs about $2 for the 10-minute trip.


Most long-distance buses depart from the new Terminal Terreste near the airport. Buses to nearby Manabí towns and villages, such as Montecristi ($0.50, 15 minutes), also leave from the terminal. To reach Manta from Puerto Lopez, there are frequent buses which pass through Jipijapa (inland) but we recommend waiting for a less-frequent coastal route bus (the scenery's much nicer).

Buses serve Jipijapa ($0.90, one hour), Canoa ($4, 3½ to four hours), Bahía de Caráquez ($3.00, three hours), Guayaquil ($5, four hours), Esmeraldas ($7, six hours) and Ambato ($8, 10 hours).

Ejecutivo buses to Quito ($10, nine hours) and Guayaquil ($7.50, four hours) leave from a smaller nearby terminal on the malecón throughout the day.