Guided Tours

Macas is the place to book trips into the southern Oriente. Services are not as comprehensive as those up north; then again, more unspoilt rainforest and lack of other tourists adds authenticity to adventures. Know that the Shuar do not want unguided visitors in their villages; certain villages refuse visitors entirely. It’s therefore essential to travel with a professional guide who can arrange access and is sensitive to the Shuar’s stance on tourism. Tena operators have more possibilities for rafting on rivers around Macas.


Central Macas has a couple of clean, perfectly comfortable hostals, but if you're a birder or wish for a slightly fancier stay, head to the edge of town to the riverside Casa Upano B&B.


The comedores (cheap restaurants) on Comín near Soasti sell tasty ayampacos – a jungle treat of meat, chicken or fish grilled in bijao leaves. A couple of serendipitous dining options here make Macas the equal of Puyo or Tena for eating out.

Drinking & Nightlife

Bar-Restaurante El Mirador is a decent spot for a sundowner, or a drink later in the evening.