Top Choice Seafood in Loja


Serving some of Loja's best seafood, Riscomar prepares delicious ceviche in an inviting but unpretentious dining room. The chivo en cerveza (goat in beer) is a surprise addition to the menu.
South American in Loja

Casa Sol

The definition of a pleasant café, Casa Sol serves drinks and all the traditional snacks at balcony tables overlooking a little park and river. It’s best in the evening, but if you go early, peek into the kitchen to…
Seafood in Loja

Cebichería 200 Millas

Ceviche is really a late-morning dish, and that’s when everyone shows up for superfresh seafood at this local favorite.
Juice Bar in Loja

El Jugo Natural

Pure, all-natural juices, yogurt shakes, and fruit salads make up the menu at this small cafe: Loja's definitive breakfast stop and numero uno meeting-up spot for old-timers. It’s been in the juice business over 30 …
Ecuadorian in Loja

El Tamal Lojano

The almuerzos are good, but the real reason to come is for the delicious quimbolitos, humitas, empanadas de verde and tamales lojanos. All the Loja region's foodie classics, in short.
South American in Loja

Salon Lolita

North of downtown, this is the place for traditional food from Loja. The cecina (salty fried pork served with yuca) is classic, and roasted cuy (guinea pig) comes in $8, $10 or $12 sizes.
in Loja


Health-food nuts and vegetarians will find the juice bar and soy-meat sandwiches with greens a breath of fresh air. It also sells unusual teas and nutritious snacks to go.
Cafe in Loja

Biscuit & Co

It's difficult to say when we like dropping by this cute French-Ecuadorian place most: probably early evening, as a prequel to a night out. From organic teas to quiches and sweet treats, you'll find something to tic…
International in Loja

Dejà Vu

Service: indifferent. Meat and fish dishes: good. Views from the balcony over Parque Central: the best. Book at weekends if you want the best seats. It's accessed through stairs within the shopping center below.
Pizza in Loja

Forno di Fango

The pastas and salads are better than the pizza at this Italian joint. Best of all is their salsa! They do delivery.