Mexican in Latacunga

Guadalajara Grill

The only Mexican joint in town, this small, well-conceived spot has a wide variety of Mexican standards like flautas, nachos and fajitas. The service is snail-paced, but we love the silver dragonflys climbing the wa…
Pizza in Latacunga

Pizzería Buona

This warm and inviting pizzeria serves up savory pizza pies, slightly overcooked pasta dishes and fresh salads. The split-level dining room features crooked pictures of the leaning tower of Pisa, muted red walls and…
Ecuadorian in Latacunga

Chugchucaras La Mamá Negra

There are several chugchucara restaurants on Quijano y Ordoñez, a few blocks south of downtown – they’re all family-friendly. La Mamá Negra is one of the best.
in Latacunga

Chifa Miraflores

When you tire of chicken and chugchucaras, or if you are a vegetarian, Miraflores makes mean stir-fries and other Chinese classics.
Latin American in Latacunga

Pollos Jimmy's

Pop in for delicious rotisserie chicken served with rice, potatoes and chicken soup. The place stays busy for a reason.
Italian in Latacunga

Restaurant Rodelu

In its namesake hotel, Rodelu serves early breakfast as well as wood-oven, medium-crust pizzas, sandwiches and pasta.
in Latacunga

A Donde Paquita

Paquita serves the earliest breakfast in town and light fare and juices throughout the day.