Checking flights...


Three airlines fly to the Galápagos. Reconfirming your flight departures with Avianca, LAN or TAME offices is recommended. Flights are often full, and you may have difficulty changing your reservation or buying a ticket.

Emetebe and Fly Galápagos have small aircraft that fly between Islas Baltra, San Cristóbal and Isabela.

To and From the Airport

If you’re booked on a prearranged tour, you will be met by a boat representative upon arrival, and ushered onto a bus for the 10-minute drive to the channel (separating Baltra from Santa Cruz) and the boat dock.

If you’re traveling independently, take the public bus signed ‘Muelle’ to the dock (a $5, 10-minute ride) for the ferry to Isla Santa Cruz. A 10-minute ferry ride ($1) will take you across to Santa Cruz, where you will be met by a CITTEG bus to take you to Puerto Ayora, about 45 minutes to an hour away ($2). This drive (on a paved road) provides a good look at the interior and the highlands of Santa Cruz.

Buses ($2) from Puerto Ayora to Isla Baltra (via the ferry) leave every morning at 6:30am, 7:15am, 8am and 8:30am (schedules change, so verify before showing up) from the CITTEG bus station around 2km north of the harbor; a taxi to the station costs $1. If you’re going to the airport to make a flight, it’s a good idea to allow 1½ hours or more for the entire journey from town.

Taxis between town and the Santa Cruz side of the channel are $25 (35 to 40 minutes).