Several sites of interest in the highlands of Santa Cruz can be reached from the trans-island road and are part of the itineraries of many cruises.

Coastal Sites

The following Santa Cruz visitor sites are reached by boat and with guides. On the west coast are Whale Bay and Conway Bay, and on the north coast are Black Turtle Cove (Caleta Tortuga Negra) and Las Bachas. Conway Bay has a 1.5km trail passing a lagoon with flamingos; north of here is Cerro Dragón, with two small lagoons, which may have flamingos. It also has a 1.75km trail that leads through a forest of palo santo (holy wood) trees and opuntia cacti to a small hill with good views. There are some large repatriated land iguanas here.

There is no landing site in Black Turtle Cove, which is normally visited by panga (small boats used to ferry passengers from a larger boat to shore). The cove has many little inlets and is surrounded by mangroves, where you can see lava herons and pelicans. The main attraction is in the water: marine turtles are sometimes seen mating, schools of golden mustard rays are often present and white-tipped sharks may be seen basking in the shallows. The nearby Las Bachas beach, although popular for sunbathing and swimming, is often deserted.