Top things to do in Isla Floreana (Santa María or Charles)

Historic Site in Isla Floreana (Santa María or Charles)

Post Office Bay

Most groups spend several perfunctory minutes on the north coast at Post Office Bay, where scraps of wood covered in graffiti surround a a few gone-to-seed barrels. Although a functioning mailbox for American and Br…
Wildlife Reserve in Isla Floreana (Santa María or Charles)

Asilo de la Paz

From the village of Puerto Velasco Ibarra, a road runs inland uphill for 7km to this official visitor site. A chiva (truck with bench seats) goes up twice a day at 6am (returning at 7:30am) and 3pm (returning at 4:3…
Pizza in Puerto Velasco Ibarra


Hands down the best place for a meal on Floreana, tiny Conchalagua has delicious pizzas, sandwiches, burgers and snacks. It's run by the very charming Aura Cruz, who has loads of great stories about growing up on th…
Ecuadorian in Puerto Velasco Ibarra

El Oasis de la Baronesa

A pleasant spot on the main road, with outdoor patio seating and a small selection of home-cooked dishes.