From visiting ancient historic sites and remote Amazon indigenous communities to paragliding along the coastline, surfing in laid-back beach towns, hiking volcanoes and untouched national parks, plus encountering rare wildlife in the Galápagos – diverse Ecuador has it all.

Guided Tours

If you’re short on time, the best place to organize a tour is either Quito or Guayaquil. A plethora of operators for every budget offer trips including Galápagos cruises, climbing and hiking tours, horseback riding, jungle tours, mountain-biking tours, hacienda tours and more.

Tour costs vary tremendously depending on what your requirements are. The cheapest city tours start from around $60 per person; a banana and cocoa trail tour starts from $80 per person per day, while a two-night Amazon camping tour starts at $68 (per person based on two or more people). Meanwhile, the most expensive lodges can exceed $200 per person per night including meals and tours. Volcano national park hiking tours start around $75 per day per person, and start from $190 for a two-day volcano summit hike. Many tour prices reduce the more people you have in your group. Galápagos boat cruises range from $3000 up to $7000 per week ($400 to $700 per day), excluding airfare, taxes and entrance fees.