Reserva Yunguilla

Lodge in Cloud Forest Reserves & Lodges

A little more than 80 families from the village of Yunguilla have developed this community-run ecotourism project to protect nearly 2600 hectares of cloud forest. Accommodations can sleep up to nine in three rooms, there's a space for camping, and you can also arrange for a homestay in the community (book this ahead of time with manager Alex Coyahuasi).

It's possible to hike the 12km between Yunguilla and Maquipucuna along a preserved portion of the Camino los Reales, an Incan trail (which itself follows the path of an even older Yumbo route) that runs from Quito through this region. From Quito's Ofelia Station, take a bus to Calacali. It's a $4 taxi from Calacali to Yunguilla.