Jungle lodge in The Southern Oriente

Located in the heart of Achuar wilderness, in one of the most remote parts of the Ecuadorian Amazon, Kapawi offers a pristine, ecologically and culturally sound experience. Many outfits claim similar practices, but few execute like this. The lodge has received many accolades for its approach and is operated and run exclusively by the Achuar.

The lodge is made up of 18 thatched, screened cabins built on stilts over a lagoon, each with private bathroom and a balcony. Low-impact technology such as solar power, trash management, recycling, sound water treatment and biodegradable soaps are used in daily operations.

Instead of just photographing the Achuar, guests are invited to their homes and offered yuca (cassava) beer, which begins a unique cultural exchange. Small groups are accompanied by an Achuar guide and a bilingual naturalist, who work in tandem to explain the intricacies of the rainforest, both ecologically and culturally.

The lodge is just off Río Pastaza, on an oxbow lake on Río Capahuari, and is reached by canoe from the nearby landing strip. The nearest town is a 10-day walk away. Packages include all meals, guided tours and round-trip transportation from Quito.