Market in Guayaquil

El Mercado Artesanal Loja

This large artisans’ market has a huge variety of crafts from all over Ecuador, including Otavalo-style sweaters, Panama hats, carved chessboards and mass-produced paintings. Bargaining is expected.
Arts & Crafts in Guayaquil

Vivián L Tettamanti

On a gallery-lined street in Las Peñas, this dapper little store sells attractive designs crafted by different Ecuadorian artists and artisans. You'll find tapestries, tagua carvings, scarves, leather wallets, eye-c…
Shopping Centre in Guayaquil

Centro Comercial Albán Borja

If you prefer a sedate shopping atmosphere, try one of the indoor shopping malls along the malecón or the department stores along Avenida 9 de Octubre. Centro Comercial Albán Borja is in Urdesa.
Books in Guayaquil

International Bookshop

Has extremely limited selections of books in both Spanish and English.
Market in Guayaquil

La Bahía

A sprawling street market between Olmedo and Colón is a crowded maze of vendors selling everything from knock-off name-brand watches to brassieres and bootleg CDs.
Shopping Centre in Guayaquil

Mall del Sol

One of the largest malls in all of South America, similar to any you find in the US, is Mall del Sol, near the airport.
Books in Guayaquil

Librería Científica

A recommended bookshop.
Mall in Guayaquil

San Marino

San Marino in the Kennedy suburb is a large, high-end mall.