Hospital in Guayaquil

Clínica Kennedy

One of the better hospitals in Guayaquil, by the Policentro shopping center in the suburb of Kennedy. Avenida del Periodista is also known as San Jorge.
Tourist Information in Guayaquil

Dirección Municipal de Turismo

This small office for city and regional tourist info is friendly, but usually Spanish-speaking only.
Cultural Center in Guayaquil

Alliance Française

This French cultural center holds exhibitions, concerts and various courses and lectures.
Cultural Center in Guayaquil

Casa de Cultura

Holds art exhibitions, lectures and film screenings.
Post in Guayaquil

Post Office

For local and international mail.
Embassy in Guayaquil

Australian Consulate

Consulate in Guayaquil

Canadian Consulate

Consulate in Guayaquil

Colombian Consulate

Consulate in Guayaquil

Peruvian Consulate

Consulate in Guayaquil

French Consulate