Top Choice Museum in Guayaquil

Museo Antropológico y de Arte Contemporáneo

Marking the end of the riverfront is the modern MAAC, a museum of anthropology and archaeology that hosts a superb permanent collection of pre-Colombian pieces and videos showing artistic techniques of early peoples…
Square in Guayaquil

Malecón 2000

One of the most extensive urban-renewal projects in South America, Malecón 2000 is made up of monuments, playgrounds, sculptures, gardens and river views. From its southernmost point at the Mercado Sur to Cerro Sant…
Area in Guayaquil

Cerro Santa Ana

One of Guayaquil's most iconic sights is this hillside enclave, which is dotted with brightly painted homes, cafes, bars and souvenir shops. Follow the winding path up the 444 steps to reach the hilltop Fortín del C…
Landmark in Guayaquil

Plaza Lagos

One of Guayaquil's most charming and upscale settings for a bite or a drink is Plaza Lagos, a handsomely designed complex of restaurants, designer boutique shops, wine bars and outdoor cafes set amid palm trees, gur…
Zoo in Guayaquil

Parque Histórico Guayaquil

Colonial history meets the animal kingdom at this large site across the Puente Rafael Mendoza Aviles Bridge, east of Río Daule. The park is divided into three ‘zones’: the Endangered Wildlife Zone, which has 45 spec…
Street in Guayaquil

Numa Pompilio Llona

This historic street, named after the well-known guayaquileño poet (1832–1907), begins at the northern end of the malecón, to the right of the stairs that head up the hill called Cerro Santa Ana. The narrow, winding…
Viewpoint in Guayaquil

Balcon Mirador Cerro Paraiso

If you'd prefer to get away from the crowds at Santa Ana Hill, this little known viewpoint offers staggering views over Guayaquil, including downtown, the Río Guayas, the financial district, Urdesa and the colorful …
Fort in Guayaquil

Fortín del Cerro

This hilltop fort played a critical role in defending the city against pirate attacks during Guayaquil's early days. The cannons are sometimes fired during big celebrations.
Lighthouse in Guayaquil


You can climb the spiral staircase inside the lighthouse for spectacular 360-degree views of the city and its rivers.
Church in Guayaquil

Cathedral & Parque Bolívar

On the west side of Parque Bolívar is a cathedral originally built in 1547 as a wooden building – however, like much of Guayaquil, it was destroyed by fire. The present structure, completed in 1948 and renovated in …