Top Choice Museum in Guayaquil

Museo Antropológico y de Arte Contemporáneo

Marking the end of riverfront is the modern MAAC, a museum of anthropology and archaeology that hosts a superb permanent collection of pre-Colombian pieces and videos showing artistic techniques of early peoples. Ch…
Monument in Guayaquil

Torre Morisco

Where Calle 10 de Agosto hits the malecón you’ll see this famous 30m-high Moorish-style clock tower, which was completed in in 1931 (the tower also appears in El Telégrafo's masthead). Climb up the narrow spiral sta…
Square in Guayaquil

Malecón 2000

Malecón 2000, one of the most extensive urban-renewal projects in South America, is made up of ponds, playgrounds, sculptures, gardens and river views. From its southernmost point at the Mercado Sur to Cerro Santa A…
Museum in Guayaquil

Museo Municipal

A block south of Parque Bolívar, you’ll find this museum and the municipal library. The archaeology room on the ground floor has mainly Inca and pre-Inca ceramics, and several figurines from the oldest culture in Ec…
Museum in Guayaquil

Museo Nahim Isaias

Nahim Isaias, located in the Plaza de Administración building, exhibits an excellent collection of sculptures, paintings and artifacts from the colonial period.
Lighthouse in Guayaquil


You can climb the lighthouse for spectacular 360-degree views of the city and its rivers.
Zoo in Guayaquil

Parque Histórico Guayaquil

Colonial history meets the zoo at this large sight across the Puente Rafael Mendoza Aviles Bridge, east of Río Daule. The park is divided into three ‘zones’: the Endangered Wildlife Zone, which has 45 species of bir…
Museum in Guayaquil

Museo Presley Norton

This museum, featuring an impressive collection of archaeological artifacts, including pottery and figurines made by the original settlers of Ecuador, housed in a beautifully restored mansion. It occasionally stages…
in Guayaquil

Jardín Botánico de Guayaquil

About a half-hour drive north of town near Cerro Colorado, this botanical garden has more than 80 orchid varieties and nearly 700 plant species. Paths and trails lead you past the plant exhibits and tropical birds f…
Promenade in Guayaquil


One of the most extensive urban-renewal projects in South America, the waterfront is a gated, policed public space stretching 2.5km along the wide Rió Guayas with ponds, playgrounds, gardens, open-air restaurants, m…