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Getting There & Away

Guaranda’s bus terminal is a solid 20-minute walk or a $1.25 cab ride from downtown.

Bus services depart hourly for Ambato ($2.50, two hours) and Quito ($5, five hours). Almost as frequently, there are buses for Guayaquil ($4.50, four hours). If you miss a Guayaquil bus it may be quicker to go to Riobamba and switch. There are numerous daily buses to Riobamba ($2.75, two hours) that take in outrageous views; this route passes the Chimborazo park entrance and access road to the mountain refuges, and the views of Volcán Chimborazo are amazing.

Shared taxis for Salinas ($0.50, 45 minutes) depart frequently from the Plaza Roja, waiting to fill up before they go.