Top Choice Live Music in Quito

El Pobre Diablo

Locals and expats rate El Pobre Diablo one of Quito’s best places to hear live music. It’s a friendly, laid-back place with a well-curated selection of talent (jazz, blues, world music, experimental sounds) performi…
Live Music in Ibarra

Café Arte

Surprisingly, one of the better live-music venues in Ecuador is here in Ibarra. It hosts bands from as far away as Cuba and Spain. The music ranges from jazz and flamenco to rock. Shows start Fridays and Saturdays a…
Live Music in Quito

Café Libro

Live music, poetry readings, contemporary dance, tango, jazz and other performances draw an arts-loving crowd to this long-running venue. Jazz, salsa and tango classes ($10) are offered, and you can always pull up a…
in Puyo

New Bar

Twilight’s frenetic buzz concludes around 9:30pm, when most good citizens and internet addicts head for home. If you’re in the mood, try New Bar, whose dim ambience encourages karaoke.
Dance in Quito

Ballet Folklórico Nacional Jacchigua

This folkloric ballet is as touristy as it is spectacular. It is presented at the Teatro Demetrio Agilera in the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana and is quite a show. You can reserve tickets online.
Live Music in Otavalo

Peña La Jampa

A long-running favorite with locals. Head to this club for a mix of salsa, merengue, rock en español and folklórica (folk music); usually doesn't get started until after 11pm.
Dance in Quito


This excellent theater and dance group, currently in La Ronda on weekend nights, presents Andean dance performances. You can also enquire about taking Andean folk-dancing classes.
Live Music in Quito

La Juliana

In an old converted house, La Juliana is a colorfully decorated space with a good mix of bands (rock, salsa, merengue) lighting up the dance floor most weekend nights.
in Quito

Café Habana

Newly inaugurated in 2008, this dark-wood tavern offers live music (Cuban son, salsa) Thursday through Saturday nights, served alongside traditional Cuban fare.
in Tulcán


Flashing strobes and blaring Latin pop inspire movement at Crazy, the discoteca (discotheque) in Hotel Sara Espindola.