Top Choice Colombian in Cuenca

Moliendo Café

This is one of the best little eateries you'll find in Ecuador – and that's why Moliendo Café is always rammed. The hearty arepas (maize pancakes) herald from Ecuador's northern neighbors but are a specialty here. T…
Cafe in Cuenca

Cacao & Canela

This excellent little café-cum-bar serves cheap, wholesome sandwiches and good coffee in a warm, dimly lit atmosphere.
European in Cuenca

Café Austria

Does exactly what it says on the label. Austrian-esque comfort food such as goulash, strudel and decent espresso taste particularly divine after days/weeks on the road, and the new location is as traveler-friendly a…
International in Cuenca

Café Eucalyptus

The irreverent Eucalyptus menu proudly declares that it doesn’t serve ‘customs officials, crazy bus drivers, or airline executives.’ For the rest of us, dozens of Asian, seafood and other reliably delicious internat…
Ecuadorian in Cuenca


This restaurant has a small menu of traditional plates such as seco de chivo and gourmet fritada (fried chunks of pork, served with hominy, avocado and other garnishes). It’s one of the best places to try cuy (guine…
Steak in Cuenca


Though a hair on the pricey side, one reader claimed they're the best steaks in Ecuador. Formerly known as Las Brasas de San Juan, this grill house is lovely, the owners are friendly and you definitely get what you …
Pizza in Cuenca

New York Pizza

Pop in here for thin-crust pizza starting at $1.10 a slice.
Ecuadorian in Cuenca


This Cuenca institution is overwhelmingly popular with locals and travelers and stays open late. The food hangs somewhere between Ecuadorian comfort food and diner fare. Get a pew on the upstairs deck for a view of …
Regional in Cuenca

Tres Estrellas

Long in the business, Tres Estrellas roasts up gourmet cuy (roast guinea pig, $17, serves two). If you’re not up for that squeaky delicacy, there’s outstanding grilled beef, chicken and pork on the menu too.
Desserts in Cuenca

Tutto Freddo

Across from the main plaza, this is likely the best (and definitely the most popular) spot in town for a mammoth banana split or a towering milkshake. And the upstairs booths are great.