Religious in Cuenca

Corpus Christi

This Catholic celebration is usually held on the ninth Thursday after Easter and often coincides with the indigenous celebration Inti Raymi on the June solstice. Carried out with the same fervor as other big Cuenca …
Religious in Cuenca

Semana Santa

Holy week in Cuenca is more hectic than most – a week of processions gets perhaps most intense on the Thursday, with devotees doing the rounds of the seven key city churches. Special food, including the cheesy empan…
Civic in Cuenca

12 de Abril

April 12, the anniversary of Cuenca’s founding in 1557, often comes on the heels of Easter celebrations. It’s a time when school kids take loyalty pledges to the city, and the Reina de Cuenca (Queen of Cuenca) is se…
Religious in Cuenca

Pase del Niño

In keeping with Cuenca’s strong Catholic identity, the Christmas Eve procession occupies participants with preparations throughout the whole year and culminates in one of Ecuador’s most spectacular religious display…
Festival in Cuenca


As in other parts of Ecuador, February's Carnaval is celebrated with boisterous water and talcum powder fights in which no one is spared.
Civic in Cuenca

Independence Day

Cuenca’s Independence Day is November 3, which combines with November 1 and 2 (All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day) to form an important vacation period for the city and the whole country.