Ecuador in detail


Ecuadorians are generally laid-back and take the quirks of foreigners in stride, but there are a few niceties worth noting.

  • Greetings Greeting those you pass on the street with a 'Buenos días' (or 'buenas tardes' or 'buenas noches,' as the time of day warrants) is considered a basic courtesy. The same goes for beginning any conversation with a greeting and some small talk before getting down to business.
  • Dining When passing other diners, Ecuadorians will wish them 'Buen provecho' (bon appetit) – also offered around the table to dining companions, of course.
  • Queueing In business establishments, queuing is expected, but in more far-flung locales, taxi lines, bus stations and markets can be more of a (generally courteous) free-for-all.