Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Ambato

Museo Provincial Casa del Portal

This majestic home was built in 1900 and now houses Ambato's best museum. There are tons of cool historic photos on the 1st floor. Head up to the 2nd floor and you will find six galleries featuring both original art…
Ecuadorian in Riobamba

La Abuela Rosa

Drop by Grandma Rosa’s for comida típica (traditional Ecuadorian food) and tasty snacks, including sandwiches, chocolate and cheese. Friendly, cozy and popular with locals.
Argentine in Riobamba

La Parrillada de Fausto

This fun, Argentine-style grill serves great barbecued steaks, trout and chicken in a ranch-style setting. Don’t miss the cool, cavelike bar in back.
Tex-Mex in Riobamba

Pizzería San Valentin

The cornerstone of Riobamba's nightlife, San Valentin is a lively place, great for both eating and socializing. Order at the counter (pizza, hamburgers or Tex Mex) and eat at the tables.
Club in Riobamba


Tentadero near Ángel Leon is the town’s hottest (both in terms of popularity and temperature) discoteca, spinning electronica and salsa well into the night.
Museum in Riobamba

Museo de Arte Religioso

Inside the beautifully restored, 16th-century convent of the Conceptas nuns, Riobamba’s top museum houses one of the country’s finest collections of 17th- and 18th-century religious art. The museum’s signature piece…
Market in Riobamba

Mercado La Merced

The ladies hawking hornado (whole roast pig) put on a pretty hard sell, yelling out for your attention and offering samples. If you can stand the pressure and you’re up for dining with flayed Wilburs on every side, …
Arts & Crafts in Riobamba

Tagua Shop

The Tagua Shop has Riobamba’s best selection of tagua carvings.
Supermarket in Baños

Super Bodega

This centrally located market is the place to stock up.
Tex-Mex in Baños

Café Hood

Of all the Hoods and Goods in Baños, this one, near Parque Central, might just be the best. Some of the dishes, such as the soft tacos or the chickpeas and spinach in curry sauce with yogurt and cucumbers, are simpl…