Top Choice Museum in Ambato

Museo Provincial Casa del Portal

This majestic home was built in 1900 and now houses Ambato's best museum. There are tons of cool historic photos on the 1st floor. Head up to the 2nd floor and you will find six galleries featuring both original art…
Museum in Riobamba

Museo de Arte Religioso

Inside the beautifully restored, 16th-century convent of the Conceptas nuns, Riobamba’s top museum houses one of the country’s finest collections of 17th- and 18th-century religious art. The museum’s signature piece…
Church in Baños

Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Agua Santa

Within the town itself, this Basilica is dedicated to the Virgin of the Holy Water (the same one with a shrine over by the waterfall). This illustrious lady is credited with several local miracles.
Museum in Latacunga

Casa de la Cultura

This cultural center is built on the site of a former Jesuit watermill known as Molinos de Monserrat and houses a small ethnography and art museum. The stone steps above the river are a nice retreat from Latacunga’s…
Museum in Latacunga

Casa de los Marqueses de Miraflores

Take a break in this archaeological and religious museum housed in a surviving colonial-era mansion. It has good background on the Mamá Negra festivals.
Gardens in Ambato

La Quinta Atocha de Juan León Mera

Several famous ambateños (people from Ambato) had quintas that survived the earthquake. They were probably once considered countryside homes, but today they are right on the edge of this growing city. La Quinta de J…
in Ambato

Museo Histórico Martínez-Holguim

Just on the north side of La Liria is the Museo Histórico Martínez-Holguim, a period quinta formerly owned by a famous mountain climber.
Museum in Ambato

Casa y Mausoleo de Montalvo

The northwest side of the handsome Parque Juan Montalvo is taken up by this museum, Montalvo’s pied-à-terre and where he is interred.
Museum in Ambato

Museo de Ciencias Naturales

Although a bit dusty, this natural-history museum in the Colegio Bolívar houses Ecuador’s most thorough collection of stuffed birds, mammals and reptiles. The historical photograph collage and a gruesome display of …
Museum in Ambato

La Quinta de Juan Montalvo

This 200-year-old villa was home to Juan Montalvo, the ‘Cervantes of America.’ There’s a tiny but well-done museum dedicated to the author – his house was really small – and the pretty gardens are worth a peek. To g…