Argentine in Baños


Quilombo (which means ‘mess’ or ‘insanity’ in Argentine slang) refers to the irreverent menu in the form of dice (just roll if you can’t decide), hodge-podge decor and kooky Argentine owner who has imported Southern…
International in Baños

Casa Hood

Named for owner Ray Hood, a long-standing gringo-in-residence, this excellent cafe has nourishing breakfasts, a cheap almuerzo (set lunch) and a menu of Thai, Mexican and Middle Eastern dishes. The Casa is a welcomi…
Tex-Mex in Baños

Café Hood

Of all the Hoods and Goods in Baños, this one, near Parque Central, might just be the best. Some of the dishes, such as the soft tacos or the chickpeas and spinach in curry sauce with yogurt and cucumbers, are simpl…
International in Baños

Posada del Arte

Like the hotel, this restaurant is a welcoming and cozy place with a warming fireplace. It serves excellent international dishes, wonderful breakfasts (including Tungurahua pancakes – they don’t explode!) and lots o…
Spanish in Baños

Tasca de Baños

It may be difficult to get a table at this miniature tapas restaurant. The selection of small dishes are excellent, ranging from perennial favorites like tortilla española to Andalucian meatballs and savory shellfis…
French in Baños

Café Mariane

Mariane’s French-Mediterranean cuisine is a real standout in Baños. The cheese-and-meat fondues are a lot – even for two people – and the pasta and meat dishes are quite elegant. It’s a popular spot, so you’ll need…
Swiss in Baños

Swiss Bistro

This small bistro’s cow fetish is evident in its decor and delicious Swiss and European specialties, which include fondue, steaks, big, fresh salads and a Swiss potato dish called roesti.
South American in Baños

El Jardín

Deservedly popular for it's leafy garden and good food, El Jardín is a great hangout with a variety of meat and fish dishes and sandwiches that can be enjoyed al fresco.
Cafe in Baños

Ponche Suizo

This little spot serves cakes and coffee, but everyone comes for the ‘Ponche Suizo,’ a trade-secret treat that’s a cross between a shake and a mousse.
International in Baños

Café Good

An imitator of the Hood joints, the Good also serves better-than-good veggie dishes with wholesome brown rice as well as some chicken and fish.