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Getting There & Away

All buses stop by the taxis ecológicos on the main road to/from Esmeraldas; there is no bus terminal, and bus offices are scattered around the town center. Buses for Esmeraldas ($1, one hour) normally begin from Súa. Most buses from Esmeraldas to Atacames continue on to Súa (10 minutes), Same (20 minutes) and Tonchigüe (25 minutes) for about $0.50. There are also regular buses to Muisne ($2, 1½ hours). Ecovias (motorcycle taxis) charge $2 to Súa and $7 to Same.

Bus companies including Transportes Occidentales, Trans Esmeraldas and Aerotaxi operate a daily service to Quito ($9, seven hours) as well as to Guayaquil ($11 to $12, eight hours). If you’re returning to Quito on a Sunday in the high season, be sure to buy your ticket in advance.