Top things to do in Ambato

Top Choice Gardens in Ambato

Quinta de Juan León Mera

Several famous ambateños (people from Ambato) had quintas that survived the earthquake. They were once considered countryside homes, but today they are right on the edge of this growing city. Admission to the Quinta…
Top Choice Museum in Ambato

Museo Provincial Casa del Portal

This majestic home was built in 1900 and now houses Ambato's best museum. There are tons of interesting historic photos on the 1st floor. Head up to the 2nd floor and you will find six galleries featuring both origi…
Museum in Ambato

Casa y Mausoleo de Montalvo

On the northwest side of Parque Juan Montalvo is this museum in Montalvo’s pied-à-terre; the grand mausoleum in which the writer is interred is on the same site. Montalvo was politically liberal and his writings wer…
Ecuadorian in Ambato

Los Morochos de la Gata

A great place to sample an Ambato specialty, a kind of porridge-like milky drink made with the morocho grain, which is ground with spices, soaked in water then boiled with milk and sugar. Try it with humitas (ground…
International in Ambato

Restaurant Roka Plaza

In the Roka Plaza’s central courtyard, this wonderful restaurant serves grilled meats, fresh juices, international dishes and good sushi. The presentation is better than you’ll find anywhere else in the central high…
Cafe in Ambato

Delicias del Paso

This cafeteria has all its tasty quiches, sandwiches and cakes on display out front, and you can order them to go right from the street. Take a seat inside for a sandwich or almuerzo (set lunch).
Museum in Ambato

Quinta de Juan Montalvo

This 200-year-old house was the countryside retreat of writer Juan Montalvo, the ‘Cervantes of America.’ There’s a tiny but well-put-together museum dedicated to the author – his house was really small – and the pre…
National Park in Ambato

Parque Nacional Llanganates

They say there’s lost Inca treasure buried somewhere in the remote and inaccessible wilderness of the 2197-sq-km Parque Nacional Llanganates. The park encompasses broad swaths of páramo, cloud forest, tropical fores…
Market in Ambato

Mercado Central

The 2nd floor of Ambato’s indoor market has particularly good llapingachos (fried pancakes of mashed potatoes with cheese), served with eggs, avocado slices and sausage (vegetarians can get it without the meat) for …
Cathedral in Ambato


Ambato once had an old cathedral, but it was destroyed along with the rest of the city by the 1947 earthquake. Many people consider the replacement temple on Parque Juan Montalvo, with its minimalist vertical lines,…