Explore More Around Ambato

Quick day trips or longer excursions from Ambato can take you to a handful of exciting indigenous villages and a seldom-visited national park. Taxis to these villages cost about $10 per 10km. Get more tips on day trips at the Centro de Información Turística de Tungarahua.

Mocha This small village, 24km south of Ambato, has a set of lava tubes.

Parque Nacional Llanganates

Píllaro The entry point for visits to Parque Nacional Llanganates is known for its festivities, including bullfighting on August 10, and the Diablada festival, featuring parades and locally made devil masks, which runs from January 1 to 6.

Pelileo Looking for a sweet pair of Ecu-Jeans? This is the nation's denim capital. It's an easy stop 19km from Ambato on the road to Baños. Denim shops line the main road.

Quisapincha Just 10km outside of Ambato, this quaint little village is a great spot to pick up leather goods. The views from up here are amazing.

Tisaleo This small village, 17km south of Ambato, is known for guitar manufacturing. Local artisans are happy to share their work.