Top ChoiceMuseum in Dili

Centro Nacional Chega!

Set in the buildings and cells of a Portuguese-era prison where resistance figures were interned by the Indonesian military, Chega! (chega means 'stop' or 'no more' in Portuguese) houses the results of the...

Top ChoiceArts Centre in Aileu

Projeto Montanha

This Brazilian-founded social enterprise is a heartwarming place to visit. Kids and young adults from the surrounding area come here to be taught languages, crafts, cooking, music and more and are then supported...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Dili

Resistência Timorense Arquivo e Museu

An excellent museum which commemorates in detail Timor-Leste's 24-year struggle against Indonesian occupation. Falintil’s resistance is brought to life with a timeline, photos, video recordings and exhibits of...

Memorial in Balibó

Balibó Flag House

Balibó Flag House is where the five journalists reporting on Indonesian's invasion of East Timor stayed before they were killed by Indonesian Special Forces on 16 October 1975. The Australian flag they painted...

Mountain in Loi Hunu & Mundo Perdido

Mundo Perdido

Crashing through foliage under the squawks of bats and lorikeets as you climb Mundo Perdido (1775m) – which translates to 'Lost World' – is one of the country's highlights. The view of sunrise from the grassy...

Rock Art in Tutuala & Jaco Island

Rock Art Caves

There are fine examples of rock art in the cliffs and caves heading down towards Valu (beach), with depictions including cock fighting, sea urchins and people hunting. Sites are signposted off the Tutuala to Jaco...

Cemetery in Dili

Santa Cruz Cemetery

Santa Cruz Cemetery

On 12 November 1991 Indonesian soldiers fired on a peaceful memorial procession for Sebastião Gomes heading from Motael Church to Santa Cruz Cemetery; Gomes was an independence supporter who was shot by...

Hot Springs in Western Timor-Leste

Be Manis

Once a former Portuguese mountain resort, these hot springs (be manis in Tetun) have been renovated into a fairly large complex, with pools of varying heat. It's a bumpy 18km road from Maliana to Marobo, and...

Area in Dili

Dili Waterfront

Dili Waterfront

Watch kids kicking soccer balls around on the patches of sandy beach and runners sweating it out while you're strolling the decent walking path that runs along the waterfront. The grand Palácio do Governo is a...

Statue in Dili

Cristo Rei

Cristo Rei

The hard-to-miss Cristo Rei, 7km east of town, has 570 steps leading to the statue of Jesus, a gift from the Indonesian government in 1996. It's a popular morning and evening exercise spot, with mountain and...

Beach in Dili

Areia Branca

This lovely cove 5.5km east of central Dili is picturesque, with its white sand backed by steep hills and good places to eat and sleep. At the end of the beach, the statue of Cristo Rei is a local landmark. On...

Bridge in Oecusse

Ponte Noefefan

This new, photogenic three-arched bridge spans Tono River and links the rest of Oecusse to those in the 'city' (which is actually not many people).

Farm in Aileu

Wild Timor Coffee

A handful of coffee cooperatives operate in Timor-Leste; this one was set up by Australian soldiers who served post-1999. Wild Timor Coffee has a cafe in Melbourne, Australia, but here you can tour the coffee...

Memorial in Dili

Dare Memorial Museum

There are two great things about Dare (pronounced da-ray) Memorial Museum, but you'll have to ask for them. First, ask for a cup of Timorese coffee, then to watch the excellent video documenting Timor-Leste's...

Church in Dili

Igreja de Santo António de Motael

This waterfront Catholic church, fronted by a pretty garden, was one of the most important places in the story of the fight for Timorese independence. Sebastião Gomes was shot dead here in 1991 by the Indonesian...

Archives in Dili

Centro Audiovisual Max Stahl Timor-Leste

Opposite the Resistance Museum, this important archive preserves footage from the Indonesian occupation and Timorese independence struggle, including that shot by Max Stahl, the British journalist who filmed the...

Monument in Dili

Santa Cruz Massacre Memorial Monument

This sizeable monument opposite Motael Church marks where independence supporter Sebastião Gomes was shot by Indonesian forces on 28 October 1991. Built to remember those who lost their lives in the resulting...

Geyser in Oecusse

Mud Geysers

Watch volcanic mud and steam bubbling up from this weird grey landscape. The spot is five minutes from Oesilo, which is around a 1½-hour drive south of Pante Makassar and close to the Indonesian border. Take an...

Landmark in Dili

Palácio do Governo

The grand, white Palácio do Governo dominates the town centre. The grounds here occasionally play host to events, but they're usually just a fancy car park for karetta estadu (government cars). Avoid this area...

Lighthouse in Dili


This photogenic lighthouse beams northwest of Dili's seaport.