High Commission in Mbabane

Mozambican High Commission

Visa applications are ideally made in the morning. Bring along two passport photos, application form, proof of accommodation and the fee, which you will have to deposit into a nearby bank. Visas are sometimes ready …
Medical in Mbabane

Mbabane Clinic

For emergencies try this well-equipped clinic in the southwestern corner of Mbabane, just off the bypass road.
Embassy in Mbabane

Netherlands Honorary Consul

Assists Dutch citizens in case of lost passports or emergencies.
High Commission in Mbabane

South African High Commission

Handles visas and all permits to South Africa.
Bank in Mbabane

First National Bank

ATM and foreign exchange.
Bank in Mbabane

Standard Bank

Post in Mbabane

Post Office

Police in Mbabane


Embassy in Mbabane

German Liaison Office