Bus in Sosúa

Caribe Tours

Has a depot on the highway at the edge of Los Charamicos neighborhood, 1km southwest of the city center. It offers a service from Sosúa to Santo Domingo (RD$350, hourly from 4:30am to 6:30pm). Grab the same bus for …
Bus in Sosúa

Metro Tours

If your final destination is Sosúa, you’ll find Metro Tours very convenient – its depot is on the highway in the middle of town. It runs services to Santiago (RD$220, two hours) and onward to Santo Domingo (RD$425, …
Bus in Sosúa

El Canarío

Puerto Plata–based bus that leaves daily to Samaná (RD300, three hours) at 6:30am from the main parada (bus stop) in front of the Playero Supermercado. Be sure to call the day before to reserve your seat.
Taxi in Sosúa

Taxi Stand