Art in Santo Domingo

Bolós Galería

Manuel Bolós has never seen a piece of wood he didn't like. The energetic young artist builds stylish furniture from recycled wood he collects around the Zona Coloinal and beyond, and he displays it here in his gall…
Art in Santo Domingo

Casa Quien

Ensconced in an elegant, 16th-century home in the Colonial Zone, Casa Quien exhibits and sells contemporary fine art, crafts, books and other curios created by Dominican artists in limited quantity. The artist-manag…
Wine in Santo Domingo

Cava Billini

The only high-end wine shop in the Zona Colonial. It offers free tastings on Tuesdays (6pm to 8pm) and is a popular stop for those looking to enjoy a bottle at Lulú Tasting Bar, which is under the same ownership, ne…
Chocolate in Santo Domingo

Choco Museo

More a shop than museum, Choco Museo nonetheless has signs in Spanish and English that explain the history of chocolate and manufacturing processes in the DR. It has a small cafe and shop, as well as workshops where…
Maps in Santo Domingo

Mapas Gaar

Located on the 3rd floor of an aging office building, Mapas Gaar has the best variety and the largest number of maps in the Dominican Republic. Maps are designated by city or region and include a country map, as wel…
Wine in Santo Domingo

El Catador

If in Piantini, this is the place to stock up on quality wine from around the world, as well as whiskey, gin, champagne and more. The elegant, brick-walled space has a back room with comfy couches where regular tast…
Arts & Crafts in Santo Domingo

Felipe & Co

This shop on Parque Colón, easily one of the best in the Zona Colonial, is stocked with charming high-quality handicrafts, including ceramics, jewelry and handbags, and also a good selection of paintings.
Art in Santo Domingo

Galería de Arte María del Carmen

This place has been selling art long enough to attract a wide range of talented Dominican painters.
Market in Santo Domingo

Mercado Modelo

Bargain hard at this crowded market, which sells everything from love potions to woodcarvings, jewelry and, of course, the ubiquitous 'Haitian-style' paintings. The more you look like a tourist, the higher the askin…
Art in Santo Domingo

Galería Arawak

This longstanding contemporary gallery displays the works of acclaimed Dominican artists including José Gausachs, Ramón Oviedo, Iris Pérez, José Pelletier, Juan Medina, Marcia Guerrero and José Levi. It also hosts w…