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Getting There & Away

Caribe Tours has a terminal 75m west of Hotel Maguana next to Pollo Rey. Buses to Santo Domingo (RD$300, three hours) depart at 6:30am, 10:15am, 1:45pm and 5:30pm.

Guaguas for Santo Domingo (RD$300, three hours, every 30 minutes 4am to 7pm) leave from the Terminal Tenguerengue, three blocks east of the arch. There are three express buses (RD$300, 6:30am, 9:30am and 3pm), which make the trip half an hour faster because they don’t make a food stop along the way.

If you're going to Barahona, you can take any of the four Caribe Tours buses to Ázua, or catch an Asodumas guagua from its small terminal half a block south of the Tenguerengue terminal (RD$130, 1½ hours, every 20 minutes 5am to 6:15pm), and catch a Barahona-bound bus there. Alternatively, take a Santo Domingo guagua and get off at Cruce del Quince (RD$130, one hour), the main highway intersection, 15km west of Ázua, and catch a southbound guagua from there.

Guaguas to Comendador del Rey (Elías Piña; RD$130, one hour, every 20 minutes 7am to 6pm) depart from the small Fenatrano terminal at the far western end of town, just before the Mesopotamia bridge. You can walk with a pack, but probably not with luggage. Head out of town west on Calle Caonabo, four blocks north of Calle Independencia. Additionally, make absolutely sure your bus is going all the way to Elías Piña: if there aren’t enough passengers, it may dump you halfway (at Las Matas) and you’ll have to wait for another bus to come through (or pay a premium for a taxi). A taxi direct to the border for up to four passengers costs RD$1800.

Taxis and motoconchos may be found near Parque Central; or phone Taxi del Sur.