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"Caribbean travel after Irma and Maria: essential information" article image
Caribbean travel after Irma and Maria: essential information
As one of the most active and impactful hurricane seasons in recent memory slowly subsides, much of the northern Caribbean is picking up the pieces left by hurricanes Irma and Maria. But this region is no stranger to such events, and many communities are already beginning to rebuild.
"Caribbean hurricane relief after Irma and Maria: how to help" article image
Caribbean hurricane relief after Irma and Maria: how to help
In the span of two short weeks, two major hurricanes seriously scarred the Caribbean region, scraping entire islands clean and leaving their citizens scrambling to recover. These record-breaking storms killed dozens, flooded hundreds of acres and rendered thousands homeless.
"Live like a capitaleño in Santo Domingo" article image
Live like a capitaleño in Santo Domingo
A sprawling urban hub of nearly three million people, the capital of the Dominican Republic is the country’s cultural center. It’s a place where old and new mesh across neighborhoods, and where traditional haunts are as cherished as modern cityscapes. From the Colonial City’s museums to seaside parks, upscale restaurants, a lively music scene, and nearby white sand beaches, Santo Domingo celebrates life daily.
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