San Cristóbal attractions

Cave in San Cristóbal

Reserva Antropológica Cuevas del Pomier

Visiting this reserve is like reading a history book written in stone. There are 57 limestone caves in the area 10km north of San Cristobal, five of which (containing almost 600 paintings) are open to the public – t…
Museum in San Cristóbal

Castillo del Cerro

San Cristobal's strangest sight, currently used as the National Penitentiary School, was built on Trujillo’s orders for himself and his family in 1947 (at a cost of US$3 million), but he reportedly hated the finishe…
Museum in San Cristóbal

Museo Jamas El Olvido Será tu Recuerdo

In the home of local resident José Miguel Ventura Medina, known to some as ‘El Hippi,’ this museum has a name translating literally to ‘Forgetfulness will never be your remembrance’ or simply ‘You will never be forg…