Ñam Ñam

Top choice cafe in Bávaro & Punta Cana

Ñam Ñam means 'yummy' in Serbian: that ain't no lie. The friendly Belgradian couple behind this tiny Los Corales kitchen – they do it all themselves – know a thing or two about making your belly happy. The now-famous burgers (RD$399 to RD$549), in regular, gourmet (minced with bacon and chili) and stuffed (with ham, cheese and mushrooms) versions, are superb.

But the menu of international comfort food doesn't stop there. There are also crepes, sandwiches, a wealth of veggie options and even Serbian chevap, a type of minced-meat kebab from the motherland. You can't go wrong dousing anything on the menu in the house-made pureedhabanero-carrot hot sauce (serious burn), or the homespun mayo with parsley. You're welcome.