Bus Stop in Barahona

Guaguas to Neiba

To visit Isla Cabritos, take any guagua to Neiba (RD$130, 1¼ hours, every 20 minutes 6am to 7pm) from the corner of Calle Padre Billini and Av Del Monte and then transfer to a La Descubierta–bound bus (RD$100, one h…
Bus Station in Barahona


Express services to Santo Domingo (RD$280, three hours, hourly 6am to 7pm) leave from the Sinchomiba terminal near the northwestern entrance to town. Regular services (RD$250, three hours, every 20 minutes 6am to 7p…
Bus in South of Barahona

Transportes Cuchi

To reserve a seat on the 5am bus from Paraíso to Santo Domingo, you'll need to ring Transportes Cuchi at least a day ahead. It's easier to catch a guagua to Barahona and catch a Santo Domingo bus from there.
Bus Station in Pedernales


Sinchomipe guaguas for Santo Domingo (RD$500, seven hours) depart hourly from 6am to 4:40pm; guaguas to Barahona (RD$250, two hours) depart every 30 minutes from 8am to 3pm.
Bus Stop in Barahona

Guaguas to Jimaní

Guaguas heading west to the Haitian border at Jimaní call at Calle María Móntez just north of Calle Colón (RD$240, two hours, every 40 minutes 7am to 6:20pm).
Bus in Barahona

Caribe Tours

Has 1st-class services to Ázua (RD$150, one hour) and Santo Domingo (RD$300, three hours) departing at 6:15am, 9:45am, 1:30pm and 5:15pm.
Bus Stop in Barahona

Guaguas to Pedernales

For Pedernales (RD$250, 2½ hours, every 30 minutes 6:30am to 11pm), guaguas depart on Calle Peña Gómez near Calle Padre Billini.
Bus Stop in Barahona

Guaguas to Paraíso

Guaguas for Paraíso (RD$100, 40 minutes, every 20 minutes 6am to 6pm).
Airport in Barahona

Aeropuerto Internacional María Montez

Located 5km north of Barahona; charters only.
Taxi in Barahona

Sintra Taxi