Top things to do in Península de Pedernales

Top Choice Seafood in Bahía de Las Águilas

Rancho Tipico

A longstanding cradle for sustenance at Playa Las Cuevas, the closest point to Bahía de Las Águilas with infrastructure, Rancho Tipico does fresh seafood and some of the best mofongos (mashed plantains with meat or …
Top Choice Seafood in Barahona

Brisas del Caribe

The kitchen here dishes out fresh seafood as the seasons dictate (though the seasons sometimes affect consistency as well). The perfectly sized seafood-soup appetizer (RD$190) has more seafood than broth, and the ze…
Gorge in Parque Nacional Sierra de Bahoruco

Hoyo de Pelempito

Part of Parque Nacional Sierra de Bahoruco, the ‘hole’ at Pelempito is actually a deep gorge formed when the Península de Pedernales rammed into Hispaniola umpteen million years ago. The tourist office, perched at t…
National Park in Península de Pedernales

Parque Nacional Sierra de Bahoruco

This national park, replete with orchids and birds, covers 800 sq km of mostly mountainous terrain and is notable for the rich variety of vegetation that thrives in its many climates, ranging from lowland desert to …
Nature Reserve in Península de Pedernales

Parque Nacional Jaragua

This park is the largest protected area in the DR. Its 1400 sq km includes vast ranges of thorn forest and subtropical dry forest, and an extensive marine area that spans most of the southern coastline, including La…
Cultural in Península de Pedernales

Festival de Café Orgánico de Polo

Held in the small town of Polo, nestled on the southern slopes of the Sierra de Bahoruco, this festival sees local coffee growers celebrate the end of the coffee-harvesting season. There’s a ‘coffee parade,’ lots of…
Seafood in Pedernales

King Crab

Top eats in Pedernales are had in this seafood-centric restaurant that does an immensely satisfying job with classic Dominican preparations: a la vinagreta, a la criolla etc (try the former with the tasty conch). It…
Jewelry in South of Barahona

Museo Larimar

This larimar-blue building is the new, somewhat upscale home of the larimar business around Bahoruco. The jewelry for sale here is more favorably presented than at local shops; prices range from RD$75 to RD$5000 for…
Seafood in South of Barahona

Restaurante Luz

On the coastal road in the adjoining villages of Bahoruco and La Ciénaga, this good option has a tidy 2nd-floor dining room overlooking the shore and crashing waves, and a nice ocean breeze. It’s old-school Dominica…
Italian in South of Barahona

Pizzeria California

The simple pastas and pizza here outclass the plastic tables on which they're served. Prices include a cinematic sea view.