Top things to do in Monte Cristi

Top Choice Seafood in Monte Cristi

Restaurant Coco Mar

Look for this restaurant with oceanfront outdoor seating just before the green monstrosity of the Hotel Montechico. Buoys and fishing nets hang from the indoor dining room ceiling, befitting its maritime theme and s…
Mountain in Monte Cristi

El Morro

Part of the 1100-sq-km Parque Nacional Monte Cristi that surrounds Monte Cristi on all sides, El Morro sits 5km northeast of town – follow Av San Fernando north to the beach and continue to your right until the road…
Dominican in Monte Cristi

Lilo Cafe & Restaurant

Businesspeople and office workers popularize this sleek, contemporary place across the street from the grocery of the same name. The menu is fairly typical with grilled fish, chicken and meat dishes as well as crab,…
Club in Monte Cristi

Diamond Club

A raucous nightclub open only on weekends, with frequent live DJs and Latin music. Find them on Facebook.
Park in Monte Cristi

Parque Central

Notable solely for the 50m clock tower designed by French engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. Imported from France in 1895, the tower deteriorated until 1997 when the Leon Jimenez family, of Aurora cigar and Presiden…
Supermarket in Monte Cristi

Lilo Supermercado

For self-caterers, this is a decent grocery store right near the eponymous cafe.