Dominican peso (RD$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$60

  • Budget room: RD$1500 (US$35)
  • Meal at local comedor: RD$250–300 (US$5–6)
  • Small bottled water: RD$10 (US$0.21)
  • Six-pack of 12oz Presidentes: RD$62 (US$1.30)
  • Rides on motoconchos (motorcycle taxis) and guaguas (small buses) to get around: RD$47 (US$1)

Midrange: US$60–200

  • Internet deal on all-inclusive accommodations: RD$2800 (US$65)
  • First-class bus tickets between major destinations: RD$420 (US$10)
  • Group tours for activities like snorkeling, hiking, etc: RD$1648 (US$35)

Top End: More than US$200

  • Beachfront resort: RD$8500 (US$200)
  • Meal at top restaurant in urban or resort areas: RD$1500 (US$35)
  • Car rental for a week, at an average daily rate (including insurance): RD$1412 (US$30)


When shopping for jewelry, handicrafts, artwork or other souvenirs, bargaining is fairly common. Even when the price is marked on the item, it's worth a shot and usually turns out to be a casual, low-pressure affair.


There's a BanReservas ATM in town.