Top things to do in La Vega

Church in La Vega

Santo Cerro

Legend has it that Christopher Columbus placed a cross he received as a bon-voyage gift from Queen Isabella atop this hill, which commands fantastic, sweeping views of the Valle del Cibao. During a battle between Sp…
Cultural in La Vega


La Vega hosts the DR's largest and most organized Carnival celebrations. Townspeople belong to one of numerous Carnival groups, which range from 10 to 200 members and have unique names and costumes. The costumes (wh…
Historic Site in La Vega

La Vega Vieja

What’s left of the original site of La Vega are the ruins of the fort Christopher Columbus ordered to be built and a church. After the great earthquake of 1562, most of what remained of the structures was taken to t…
Pizza in La Vega

Macao Grill

This decent restaurant near the cathedral serves good deep-dish pizza, along with burgers and burritos.
Church in La Vega

Catedral de la Concepción

La Vega’s infamous cathedral, facing the main plaza, is a fascinating eyesore that looks like a cross between a medieval fortress and a coal plant. It's an odd mixture of Gothic and neo-industrial styles, though the…