Top things to do in La Romana

Top Choice Italian in La Romana

Restaurant Lucas

This local's secret is buried inside a residential complex less than 2km from centro. Delectable fresh pastas (inhouse-made ravioli, tagliatelle and gnocchi) are served on an atmospheric patio under a giant fig tree…
Mediterranean in La Romana

Shish Kabab Restaurant

The wall beside the bar is covered with photos of famous guests, attesting to the popularity of this local institución. The Palestinian owners dish out limited Middle Eastern dishes like hummus, baba ghanoush and de…
Chinese in La Romana

Chinois by Susana

Don't let the street noise steer you away from the atmospheric, Chinese-lantern-lit front courtyard of this high-quality Chinese hot spot serving up authentic, rarely seen dishes such as Peking Duck, spicy Malaysian…
Landmark in La Romana

Altos de Chavón

While a trip to a faux-15th-century Italian-Spanish village created by a Paramount movie-set designer won’t exactly give you a window into Dominican culture, Altos de Chavón has some redeeming qualities, especially …
Island in La Romana

Isla Catalina

In the 15th century, pirates including Francis Drake would lurk around Isla Catalina, waiting to pounce on Spanish ships sailing to and from Santo Domingo. Today, this island ringed by fine coral reefs teeming with …
Cafe in La Romana

Trigo de Oro

Though it (oddly) had most of its shady courtyard renovated away in favor of a more modern look, this French bakery and cafe remains a welcome respite from motoconcho fumes. Located inside a historic mansion, the ba…
Burgers in La Romana

Dom Ham

This festive, thatch-roofed open-air bar and grill is home to Carlos Pichardo, who got his start flipping burgers outside a baseball stadium. These days, though not made to order, his American-style Angus beef burge…
Cocktail Bar in La Romana

El Corcho

Notably trendy for La Romana, this small bar inside an upper-scale corner shopping plaza has cocktails, a decent selection of wine, a few rums and bachata aplenty. Best of all, there's a loungy patio in front to sip…
Market in La Romana

Punto Italia

Imports gourmet Italian and European brands; stocks fresh meat and cheeses and serves quick-fire pastas.
Cafe in La Romana


Cinco does Illy espresso, delicious beat-the-heat gelato, and creative panini (RD$210 to RD$495).