Aroma de la Montana

International in Jarabacoa

Sweeping, practically aerial views of the entirety of the Jarabacoa countryside are available from the balcony seating at this sophisticated mountaintop restaurant. Lunchtime has a family atmosphere, but there's a distinctly romantic candlelit vibe on weekend nights, particularly on the top floor, which rotates 360 degrees at weekends. The menu includes rib-eye steak, chicken, salmon, and a parrilla for two.

The road to the restaurant, part of a large property development called Jamaca de Dios, winds its way up between the Pinar Quemado and Palo Blanco mountains south of town. In its original incarnation, an informal spot serving free hot dogs and hamburgers, it was meant to encourage potential vacation-home buyers to stop and take in the fresh air and views. Have ID on hand for the guards at the development's security gate. Because of noise, motorcycles aren't allowed at weekends.