Top things to do in Constanza

Cultural in Constanza

Fiestas Patronales

Every September – the exact date varies – Constanza goes nuts during Fiestas Patronales, a nine-day-long party that's nominally in honor of the Virgen de las Mercedes, the town’s patron saint. There are live music e…
Nature Reserve in Constanza

Reserva Científica Ebano Verde

Look for the entrance to this 23-sq-km reserve on the road to Constanza from Santiago. If time is limited, there’s an easy 2km nature trail through tropical forest where you might spot Dominican magnolias, the green…
Dominican in Constanza

Lorenzo’s Restaurant

You’ll find solid Dominican fare and heaping portions at this restaurant at the western edge of town. Crowded at lunchtime – especially on Sunday, when few other restaurants are open – Lorenzo's doles out sandwiches…
Dominican in Constanza

Restaurant Aguas Blancas

The cozy (chilly at night, so bring a sweater) log-cabin-like dining room here qualifies as fine dining in Constanza. Along with the usual Dominican fare are a few simple pasta dishes and the specialty: guinea guisa…
Waterfall in Constanza

Aguas Blancas

This breathtaking waterfall, reputedly the largest in the Greater Antilles, is a scenic but extremely rough 16km drive from Constanza (you'll need a 4WD). The falls – one cascade in three sections – crash 135m down …
Nature Reserve in Constanza

Reserva Científica Valle Nuevo

This remote park begins around 17km southeast of Constanza. Las Pirámides, a monument marking the geographic center of the DR, is 46km away. The area records the coldest temperatures in the country, sometimes reachi…
Dominican in Constanza


Tucked down a residential side street at the entrance to town, Dilenia has a small all-wood dining room and an even smaller Spanish and English menu with dishes like shrimp in garlic sauce, guinea in wine and good o…
Cave in Constanza

Piedras Letradas

Meaning ‘Inscribed Stone,’ Piedras Letradas is a shallow cave containing scores of Taíno petroglyphs and pictograms, mostly depicting animals and simplistic human-like figures. The site is a good 30km northwest of C…
Supermarket in Constanza

Super El Económico

Across from Isla petrol station is Super El Económico, a medium-sized grocery.
Market in Constanza

Mercado Municipal

For locally grown produce, try this market.