Top Choice Basque in Bávaro & Punta Cana

Passion by Martín Berasategui

Chef Martín Berasategui hails from San Sebastián in Spanish Basque country – not a bad place to eat for those who might not know – and he packed a few recipes in his gastro-luggage on his way to overseeing what is c…
Top Choice Cafe in Bávaro & Punta Cana

Ñam Ñam

Ñam Ñam means 'yummy' in Serbian: that ain't no lie. The friendly Belgradian couple behind this tiny Los Corales kitchen – they do it all themselves – know a thing or two about making your belly happy. The now-famou…
Mexican in Bávaro & Punta Cana


Straight outta Cancún – Mexican hipsters lugged a tortilla machine from home and regularly smuggle in habanero peppers, all of which adds authenticity to this good-time, open-air taqueria. Fiery salsas are sure to m…
Fusion in Bávaro & Punta Cana

Restaurante Playa Blanca

Flanked by an army of palms, this atmospheric open-air restaurant is within the Puntacana Resort complex but open to the public and worth the trip. The beach here (Playa Blanca) is spectacular, and you can eat on th…
Seafood in Bávaro & Punta Cana

Little John

With its photogenic, colored-up VW van and pleasant open-air, whitewashed setting on Playa Juanillo, Little John is the best spot to kick back with a wealth of properly mixed creative cocktails (RD$300 to RD$750) an…
Fusion in Bávaro & Punta Cana


Give your taste buds a shock: this immensely pleasurable spot to eat – unbeknownst to most folks who don't wander into Los Corales Beach Village – serves up Asian recipes normally missing in action in the DR. Thai (…
Cafe in Bávaro & Punta Cana


Slammed at breakfast, this is where Punta Cana comes for its bagel fix. Fab bagelwiches (also available on baguettes) are the call, in such rarely seen flavors as Hummus Supreme and Montecristo, among others. There …
Dominican in Bávaro & Punta Cana

Solo Pollo

A legion of locals flocks to this simple comida criolla restaurant serving – as the name implies – only chicken. Juicy, perfectly seasoned pollo horneado (baked chicken) is the specialty, going for RD$550 for the wh…
Supermarket in Bávaro & Punta Cana

Super Mercados Nacional

Punta Cana's best supermarket.
Cafe in Bávaro & Punta Cana

Kat's Corner

Simple and social, Kat's is an open-air corner bar that hits the spot for American-style hangover cures – bacon, eggs, hash browns, breakfast burritos – and is a safe bet for fast-food drunken munchies (nachos, ques…