Top things to do in Soufriere & Southwest Coast

Historic Site in Soufriere & Southwest Coast

Scotts Head Point

A narrow isthmus separating the fierce Atlantic and the calm Caribbean leads to the eponymous ‘Scotts Head,’ the rocky headland named for an 18th-century British lieutenant governor. A short hike leads up to a smatt…
Hot Springs in Soufriere & Southwest Coast

Soufriere Sulfur Springs

Soufriere's undisputed ‘hot spot’ are the naturally heated mineralized waters draining from two streams into four stone pools in the hills above Soufriere. Changing rooms and a large pool are on your left as you wal…
Seafood in Soufriere & Southwest Coast

Melvina's Champagne Bar & Restaurant

Despite the lofty name, Melvina's is actually a salty oceanfront bar and seafood restaurant between Roseau and Champagne Beach. On Friday nights it’s a scene and a half when locals swing by for steamed fish, barbecu…
Bay in Soufriere & Southwest Coast

Grand Bay

This sweeping bay is on Dominica’s south coast. Turn inland at Loubiere onto a wide and largely pothole-free curving road skirting the base of Morne Anglais and crossing a few rivers before reaching the coast.
Village in Soufriere & Southwest Coast

Scotts Head

On Dominica’s southernmost tip, the fishing village of Scotts Head has a gem of a setting along the gently curving shoreline of Soufriere Bay. Activity centers on the waterfront where old men hang out on the porches…