In Dominica

Three Days

Dominica in a nutshell: on day one drive south from Douglas Charles Airport via spectacular Pagua Bay through the Kalinago Territory to Roseau, briefly stopping for a dip in the grotto of shimmering Emerald Pool. Spend the next day’s morning exploring Roseau, then head east to marvel at Trafalgar Falls, swim in Ti Tou Gorge and soak in a hot sulfur spring at a Wotten Waven spa. Spend your final day driving north along the west coast, stopping for a short rainforest hike to see endangered parrots in the Syndicate Parrot Reserve. In Portsmouth, follow in the footsteps of Johnny Depp while rowing through the messy jungle of the Indian River. Head east and spend your final night in Calibishie.

One Week

Stretch the three-day itinerary into a saner five days. Use the extra time for the spectacular hike to Boiling Lake, soaking up the vibrant culture of Roseau in more depth, snorkeling or diving in Champagne Reef, and exploring Cabrits National Park near Portsmouth.