Trail maps published by Dominica’s Forestry Division are available for a small fee at the forestry office in Roseau’s Botanic Gardens. The division can also refer you to guides who are expert in the flora and fauna of the island. Certified guides are also recommended for some of the hikes, most notably the one to Boiling Lake. The tourist office can also make referrals.

Hike the Waitukubuli National Trail

Completed in 2011, the Caribbean's first long-distance hiking trail links Scotts Head in the far southwest with Cabrits National Park in the northwest, hitting all the key beauty spots along the way, including Boiling Lake and Emerald Pool. Its 115 miles are divided into 14 segments of various lengths and difficulty but each one is designed to be completed in one day. Accommodations are available close to the trailheads. The website has maps, addresses, guide referrals and other details.


  • Segment 1: Scotts Head to Soufriere Estate
  • Segment 2: Soufriere Estate to Bellevue Chopin
  • Segment 3: Bellevue Chopin to Wotten Waven
  • Segment 4: Wotten Waven to Pont Casse
  • Segment 5: Pont Casse to Castle Bruce
  • Segment 6:Castle Bruce to Hatten Garden (Pagua Bay)
  • Segment 7: Hatten Garden (Pagua Bay) to First Camp Heights
  • Segment 8: First Camp Heights to Petite Macoucherie Heights
  • Segment 9: Petite Macoucherie Heights to Colihaut Heights
  • Segment 10: Colihaut Heights to Syndicate
  • Segment 11: Syndicate to Borne
  • Segment 12: Borne to Penville
  • Segment 13: Penville to Capuchin
  • Segment 14: Capuchin to Cabrits

Passes & Fees

A day pass for one segment is US$12, a 15-day pass to hike all 14 segments costs US$40. Passes are sold at or near the trailheads, including Rubis Filling Station in Portsmouth, the Sea Breeze Inn in Castle Bruce, Kalinago Barana Aute, the Waitukubuli National Trail Management Unit in Pont Casse, Ken's Hinterland Adventure Tours in Roseau and Rodney’s Wellness Retreat in Soufriere. Passes are also sold at Courtesy Car Rental at Douglas Charles Airport and at the Forever Young Classic Souvenir Shop on Dame Mary Eugenia Charles Blvd in Roseau.