Top Choice Nature Site in Portsmouth

Indian River

The slow and silent boat trip along this shady mangrove-lined river is a memorable experience as you glide past buttressed bwa mang trees whose trunks rise out of the shallows, their roots stretching out laterally a…
Waterfall in Trafalgar Falls

Trafalgar Falls

The easily accessible and spectacular Trafalgar Falls on the eastern edge of Morne Trois Pitons National Park are worth a visit. Actually two adjacent waterfalls - the taller one is the Father, the lower, shorter fa…
Museum in Roseau

Dominica Museum

This small but interesting museum gives an overview of the history of Dominica and its people. Informative displays delve into Carib lifestyles, Creole culture and the slave trade.
Historic Site in Roseau

Public Library

This handsome 1906 stone building was funded by US philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. Enjoy sweeping sea views from the wrap-around porch or relax in the grassy area with a few stone benches. The white mansion with the…
Cultural Center in Roseau

Old Mill Cultural Center

A short drive north of Roseau, this old sugar mill has taken on new life as Dominica’s main centre for cultural events and also displays the work of local artists.
National Park in Portsmouth

Cabrits National Park

Located on a scenic peninsula 1.25 miles north of Portsmouth, this is the site of Fort Shirley, an impressive, though ruined, 18th-century British garrison. The park encompasses the surrounding coastal area, as well…
Cultural Center in Carib Territory

Kalinago Barana Autê

This recreated traditional village is a good spot to learn about Kalinago history and culture. The 30- to 45-minute tour includes stops at a ‘karbet’, or ‘men’s house’, a 10ft-long dugout canoe carved from a single …
Gardens in Roseau

Botanic Gardens

The beautiful 40-acre botanic gardens teem with mature banyan, century palms and ficus trees along with flowering tropical shrubs. It’s a great place for a wander and a picnic on the expansive lawns. A must-see is t…
Square in Roseau

Old Market

This cobblestone plaza has been the center of action in Roseau for the last 300 years. It’s been the site of political meetings, farmers markets and, more ominously, public executions and a slave market. Nowadays it…
Market in Roseau

Public Market

This bustling riverfront market is a good place to have a bowl of goat water (stew), pick up a bottle of sea moss or put together a picnic. Get lost amid myriad stands; join locals for a beer.