Top things to do in Djibouti

Top Choice Archaeological Site in Djibouti

Abourma Rock Art Site

This superb archaeological site features well-preserved rock engravings dating back to Neolithic times, which are striking both for their rich complexity and their incredible variety. Many of the engravings depict a…
Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Djibouti


Weary of the hustle and bustle of Djibouti City? Have a soft spot for endangered species? The well-organised wildlife refuge Decan is about 10km south of Djibouti City (in Douda, on the road to Somaliland), an easy …
Top Choice Landmark in Djibouti

Les Allols

It does not get the hype of the iconic Lac Assal and Lac Abbé, but Les Allols depression is one the most spectacular natural sites in the Horn. The landscape is an extraordinary geological showcase of faults, folds,…
Top Choice Italian in Djibouti City

Time Out

You wouldn't know it from the street, but Time Out is one of the most enticing places in town for tasty Italian and Ethiopian food (the owner is Ethiopian-Italian). Savour palate-pleasing pizzas, pastas, steaks or s…
Top Choice Yemeni in Djibouti City

Mukbassa Central – Chez Youssouf

In business for ages, this Djibouti City icon is famous for one thing and one thing only: poisson yemenite (oven-baked fish). It's served with a chapati-like bread and a devilish mokbasa (purée of honey and either d…
Top Choice French in Djibouti City

Café de la Gare

Dining at this upscale gourmet restaurant is a treat. The elegant dining room is decorated with earthy tones and classy furniture, and Café de la Gare is justly revered for its refined French-inspired cuisine with a…
Top Choice Ethiopian in Djibouti City

La Terrasse

This place has plenty of character and serves up good Ethiopian food as well as pasta and sandwiches at puny prices. It occupies a rooftop, with a moodily lit dining area and an open kitchen – not to mention the hea…
Top Choice Juice Bar in Djibouti City

Jus de Fruits Chez Mahad

Ah, Mahad and its oh-so-smooth, oh-so-thick fruity concoctions (over 45 varieties)! Grab a seat outside and watch the world go by. Also serves tea, coffee and pastries.
Yemeni in Djibouti City

Restaurant National – Chez Hamdani

This perennial favourite specialises in poisson yemenite (oven-baked fish). There are no menus; just choose your glistening beastie (usually sea bream, grouper or barracuda) in the fridge and it’s barbecued a la Yem…
Area in Djibouti City

African Quarter

The vast Place Mahmoud Harbi (aka Pl Rimbaud), which is dominated by the minaret of the great Hamoudi Mosque, Djibouti City’s most iconic building, is considered the real soul of the city. Eastward, the chaotic Quar…